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Lil Nas X Viral Marketing Blog Post

Lil Nas X’s Viral Marketing Success

Lil Nas X has found a recipe to create internet-breaking songs and viral marketing that few other artists have. His song “Montero” debuted at number one and his current single, “Industry Baby,” at number two. Today when I am writing this, both of them remain in the top ten in the charts and Montero has …

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Learn From Marc Rebillet’s 5 Live Streaming Success Techniques

Over the past three years viral sensation Marc Rebillet has seen an incredible surge in popularity due to his video content gaining some serious traction across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit. Amassing views in their millions and gaining thousands of followers week-on-week, Marc Rebillet seems to have cracked the code on ‘how to internet’.

5 Ways 50 Cent Expresses His Brand Online

Obviously most people know 50 Cent as the OG 2000’s hit machine and since then he’s branched out to TV production, business ventures and on the way has started a family. We know this because he openly shares with his followers news and updates of the different parts of his life. And he does this through a variety of different methods. Let’s take a look at some examples: