5 Instagram Post Strategies Used By Fisher To Connect With Fans That Anyone Can Copy

If you’re even vaguely in to house music then you’ll likely have heard of Fisher, the Australian pro surfer and DJ, behind the smash hit tune ‘Losing It’. After touring the world surfing and vlogging his way through the open waters, he turned his hand to music production and is making some serious waves in the industry.

Who Are YOU?

Without succumbing to the pressures of music management directing his social media strategy, he’s known for his quirky and sometimes silly content which is a direct reflection of his real life personality. His approach is to posts isn’t very curated as he likes to capture real life moments as they’re happening, like a memory book to look back on and laugh with his friends. Without taking it too seriously or meticulously planning his content he has achieved a strong online presence – with video experience already under his belt – he knows what makes good content.

The DJ

The Producer

The Surfer

The Vlogger

Understand Your Audience


You can see he understands his audience. It reminds me of when I lived in Bali and Finn’s Beach Club was my hangout, I’d see all the Fisher fans coming out of the water after sunset surfing and order a coconut or Bintang- you couldn’t get any more Fisher-esque if you tried!


And further still in this video, Fisher jamming with his crew to some Green Day encapsulates his people and personality.

Getting good at showing your personality through your content is an important skill to master. Showing your identity both in music and in normal life allows your audience to connect with you on a better level. It gives the impression that they know you or at least can relate to your life. Which is helpful as us humans are preconditioned to like what we feel familiarity with.

Mini Vlogs of Your Life


If you’re a gigging musician, you travel or make music with cool people – you have a lot of content waiting to be made. Just taking the first step to actually start documenting your life is key. Creating almost a TV show of your journey through your life, passions, projects and professions is a smart move. This kind of content is super engaging and fans of Fisher cannot get enough of it. Using this as a way to hype up your shows will work effectively and also gives you another piece of content to put out there.

Fisher often shares personal videos in the lead up to shows, creating a buzz around the event and he continues the videos during and after too. Creating a full circle of content with vlogs, pictures and video content to keep his fans engaged and thirsty for more. He’s essentially created a TV channel on his Instagram where fans get a peek into his life as a musician, surfer and an Aussy lad.

Incorporating Merchandise in Content


Wearing his own merchandise, Fisher creates instantaneous interest for his fans which convert to sales and website hits. Creating merch that reflects him as a person, that he likes, is appealing to his fanbase as they feel a familiarity with his life and style. Don’t just create basic tees with a logo, think creatively, and incorporate it into your social media content for full exposure.

Creating Content With Visible Friends


In the process of making music, hanging out and working alongside other visible people within the industry it’s important to find ways of including them in your content. Fisher’s video with Diplo is hilarious, oozes his personality and feeds into Diplo’s strategy of engaging shared content online and sharing. The result? Cross pollination of both audiences – growing your reach both ways.

Share the Live Experience

The Fisher experience lies heavily in live experiences. It’s a key subject on his vlogs and most of his other content. His fanbase has grown so strong that he has fans follow him around the world for his live shows, waiting to catch a bit of the energy that people fall in love with through his videos. He communicates this energy through his content by showing just a preview of high octane fun, leaving you wanting more and experience it first hand.

While it’s useful to have a strategy in place if you’re struggling to find ideas for content when starting out – don’t be afraid to let loose and go off the paper with sharing content. If you find yourself in a moment that makes you happy, share it! Your friends doing something funny? Share that too. Start painting a picture for your audience to start connecting with, let them know who you are. It’s not worth hiding behind your Instagram page looking at other people’s lives, share yours!

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