How To Partner With Influencers to Share Your Music!

We live in an age of Influencers – Social Media icons who have built large followings on their platforms. They got their name as a reference to the large influence they have over their fans, often called clout. Different influencers tap into that clout in different ways, but what we’ll focus on is their ability …

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How To Get Started Creating Musical Content On TikTok!

An important skill as a musician is to start investing in and scaling up your content creation to build up your online presence. You need to invest this time and effort – there’s no way around it these days. Getting music viral on TikTok as a musician is no easy feat but the results are …

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5 Ways 50 Cent Expresses His Brand Online

Obviously most people know 50 Cent as the OG 2000’s hit machine and since then he’s branched out to TV production, business ventures and on the way has started a family. We know this because he openly shares with his followers news and updates of the different parts of his life. And he does this through a variety of different methods. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Explode onto the Collaboration Scene: Cues from DJ Snake & More…

A few days ago, I looked out at the waves crashing on the beach, almost not daring to believe that my fantasy of living in Ibiza has become my reality. The million-dollar question: Now what?

Well, while my social media feed is giving you a curated glimpse of what I’m up to, I’m writing this to highlight one of the major goals I’ve tasked myself with: encouraging more collaboration within the music industry. And while you are seeing the glitz of the shows, you are missing out on the behind-the-scenes work that everyone within this biz, from artist to producer to promoter should be doing: collaborating.  

How Eminem Schooled us on Marketing

Take a moment to imagine your mom. Chances are, she’s a pretty lovely lady. Maybe she’s really into Chia Pets or something cute like that. Maybe she insists on overfeeding you every time you visit home. How nice. Now imagine that same woman filing multiple lawsuits against you for being what she perceives to be an asshole.