Learn From Marc Rebillet’s 5 Live Streaming Success Techniques

Over the past three years viral sensation Marc Rebillet has seen an incredible surge in popularity due to his video content gaining some serious traction across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit. Amassing views in their millions and gaining thousands of followers week-on-week, Marc Rebillet seems to have cracked the code on ‘how to internet’.

Armed with a loop station, midi controller, microphone and a few percussion instruments; Rebillet turns on his camera and improvises full beats that are incredibly catchy with some comedic value running through. Streaming live from Facebook and distributing the content across YouTube, Instagram and other smaller platforms he has gained notoriety with his impressive blend of Hip Hop, Funk, House and Soul. Starting with a simple beat or vocal loop, Rebillet builds his songs from the ground up with an infectious energy from both the music and his hilarious performance style. It’s this formula that has caught like fire and seen Rebillet tour across America and Europe to sold out shows with many more booking requests flying in worldwide. 

The Loop Sensation

The Viral Creator

The Comedian

The Video Maestro

The Sex Icon

Interactive Video Content

Marc Rebillet’s live streams make up the chunk of his content and were also the reason he found fame in the first place. Tune in to a stream nowadays and he has a phone number displayed on-screen allowing viewers to call in, like a Saturday morning chat show, where he’ll have a chat with his fan(s) before asking them to choose a topic. Due to the funny nature of his music and personality, his fans are also quite off-the-chart strange in their requests with topics ranging from ‘buttholes’ to ‘puppies’. Upon receiving the topic from the caller, Rebillet will then begin to scroll through a few VSTs and load up his midi controller before using the topic as a theme for his vocal that he’ll load into the loop station and unleash some killer beats, bars and hip shaking melodies.

Comedy Value Content

All through his live stream Rebillet displays his comments section on the video as well as a call to action which is usually to visit his website for merchandise and tickets to the next shows. Considering his fame was only found over the past three years he comically names his upcoming shows ‘The Comeback Tour’, poking some fun at other artists who do the same that have been around for decades. Whether performing in front of a physical or digital crowd, Marc Rebillet has formed his cult-like following through his funny-themed, improvised music and his performance style which is very unique. Usually sporting some kind of satin robe with not much underneath, he has a presence on screen and on stage that you cannot dismiss. Thrusting his hips around and really getting into the music displaying almost possessed behaviour, it’s easy to see why his performances are loved the world over. Just reading through the comments section during the videos it’s not uncommon to see things like “OMG, those hips just got my wife pregnant from the other room”. Both men and women are hypnotised by his music and comedic value – which in turn lead to huge amounts of interactions, video shares and new followers.

Bringing ‘Sexy’ Back

Rebillet’s look is reminiscent of a vintage porn star that has fallen out of an 80s VHS player and landed in this 21st century-digital-streaming-world. Conjuring up a huge variety of music styles he has an unmissable talent of creating sexy slow jams and hypnotising hip hop which is usually accompanied by more of his crazy antics. It is this style that doesn’t take itself too seriously but at the same time absolutely does, it gives his fans something to laugh at all the while creating a persona of a ‘sex icon’ through comedy and music. Delivering a persona that is approachable, accessible and easy to ‘consume’ is clearly something that works in growing and maintaining an audience.

Consistency in Content

After Marc Rebillet’s express ticket to global visibility and fandom came requests for live performance bookings. Embarking on a 44 day tour across the USA and Europe, Rebillet challenged himself to continue making his videos that are usually set in the bedroom of his New York apartment. His 29 day challenge saw him streaming live across multiple cities in Europe from hotel rooms around the continent. Keeping up with his usual antics on video during the day while performing on stages at night. This approach allowed his fans to see his progression through his first ‘proper’ tour, feeding through what he was feeling on that day, whether it be excitement or exhaustion. Alongside keeping up his content flow, he was also spreading his presence throughout the places he was touring by almost giving a musical press release which gained him even more visibility before moving on to the next destination, drumming up more interest for the next shows.

Brand Partnerships

If you read through Rebillet’s ‘About Me’ section on his website you’ll notice that his BOSS RC-505 loop station is mentioned five times with an in-depth rundown of what the equipment does. It then goes on to mention the “advertising-in-disguise” of the BOSS loop station – which is obviously not in disguise – meaning that Rebillet is low key partnered with the BOSS manufacturer. Said loop machine features in every single one of his videos and performances, so it’s no wonder the brand wanted to team up with Rebillet as he’s providing great skill on a good product for millions upon millions to see.

Marc Rebillet has shown us that you don’t necessarily need to have a top-notch marketing and content plan. Sometimes if you have that raw talent and enticing personality, the music will speak for itself, something that seems to be getting lost amongst the infinite streams of clever marketing techniques and large scale PR methods. Adopting a humorous approach to not taking yourself or your music too seriously while being ‘married’ to your loop machine is enough to make millions of people fall in love and want to see you and your music on tour.

Rebecca Smart Bakken

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