Discord – The Top 10 Reasons it is a Music Marketing Dream Come True

Are you having trouble connecting to your fans as a musician on social media? You might be looking for them in all the wrong places. Discord is your answer. If you’ve never heard of Discord or are just not 100% sure what it is, that’s OK. This innovative social space is where many of your …

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My First 30 Days on TikTok: Grow From 0-3000 Followers in 30 Days.

With super impressive growth and a lot of learning in between, I’m now growing 300+ followers a day on TikTok – here’s how and why you should be doing the same. The past 30 days have been quite something. Some of you may have noticed that I started a TikTok account and have invested my …

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Don’t Be A Slave to The Likes & Comments Of Social Media

The other day I was speaking with a friend who has just started playing around with Instagram to grow their brand. I love when newbies share their experiences with me.

But, something she said caught my attention hard and made me think… My friend is a poet and likes to play with words – she felt inspired the day we spoke – she decided to share a poem she’d written for her audience with me.

She would normally share pictures of herself, her life, sometimes mundane things. This time she wanted to share something deeper and more relevant to her life experience. And what happened..?

Musicians: Make Your Content Exclusive to Earn Money (OnlyFans)

The new musicians on the scene are open to expanding their reach in ways never thought possible before. From tipping schemes to membership clubs and now the much talked about OnlyFans.

Yes, the OnlyFans that is largely a site saturated with sex workers and porn stars selling exclusive content for a monthly fee. However, times are changing and the platform is seeing a new type of content creator signing up… Musicians.

Since the pandemic came into full effect so many musicians and artists hit social media hard. Giving away tons of valuable content for free in the hopes of keeping their fans entertained and their name out there on the virtual circuit.

How To Get Featured on Spotify Playlists

Getting on playlists has become the modern version of getting on the radio. It’s a super effective way to get your music in front of a large global audience.

You can achieve this by getting your music used by content creators on social media with large following too, of course. But the genius thing about Spotify is that you have your profile on the platform which makes it easy for anybody who’s discovered you to find a lot more – directly.

This way you get your streaming numbers increased – which is one of your revenue streams – so it’s a win-win situation.

How To Use Instagram Reels as a Musician (Full Guide)

TikTok has arrived on the scene and completely taken it by storm. What with the impending ban looming Instagram have taken the perfect opportunity to launch their new feature, Reels. Whether the ban takes place is anybody’s guess right now, and Instagram is reeling in the opportunity (pun intended). If you’re a musician wondering what …

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What Musicians Should Do If TikTok Gets Banned

importance of creating a personal brand rather than solely growing a channel on social media. Yes, there are many influencers that have blown up on TikTok but the smartest ones created a brand around it and grew their other channels alongside TikTok fame. The platform owners essentially own the data and your followers on site but you are in control of your brand and the influence this has – and where you want to push the influence…

5 Content Ideas for Musicians on Instagram

The introverts of music (that’s many of you producers out there) enjoy being behind the scenes. So when the topic of sharing pictures and videos of yourself comes up you edge back and feel it lacks value. So this week I want to give you some content ideas you can post on Instagram that are not about you. Content that directly gives value without having the extroverted self promotion side…