Helping musicians put their story and brand into content through weekly music marketing workshops


Create Your Brand

Let's start with your brand before we go deeper into the content specifics

Creating your brand goes beyond your logo

We'll explore your WHY and how that converts into a brand message and identity

Convert Your Brand into Content

Once we establish a solid brand we then turn that into content across your channels

Your brand content is your first impression

This means your bios across all channels, tag lines, profile information and homepage/landing pages

Create a Story for Your Music

Then we begin creating specific music release stories to ignite content ideas

Give your music release an identity

Most music is created with a reason, so this should be applied to how you market it to audiences

Turn Your Music into Promo

Finally we use the brand and release story to produce engaging promo content

Bring your music to life through content

Creating multi format content to share far and wide that grips viewers with entertainment is the key to promo success


Every week we meet online to discuss any specific questions the community wants answered. Artists that are launching a product/song release can get guidance on what tools and services are available to optimise the whole process around the release and beyond.

In-depth classes where we focus on specific subject areas from using Facebook ads to content marketing across multiple channels. With hands-on, personal help from marketing experts and industry professionals to share their expertise for your journey. Reviews from the pros to assess your work and give pointers on what to improve on.

A highly useful, valuable library of resources which will be in constant development. Every live class will add more to this resource library, resulting in a rich bank of invaluable resources compiled by marketers and music industry guest speakers.

Different channels to specific topics where the community shares their success strategies, playlists, growth hacks, facebook ads, and so much more. A community of professionals, artists, marketing experts, and music industry folk.



Hi there! I’m Rebecca, a world citizen and digital marketing nomad.

Some of you may have also seen me on HGTV´s show “Beach Around the World”.

Over the years, I’ve made a name for myself in the tech/ startup industry by helping 250+ startups scale with growth hacking strategies.

Now I want to help musicians and artists to promote their music and engage better with fans on social media.

For me, music is core to living authentically. The power that different beats and lyrics can have on your life are nothing less than profound. Music is a universal language capable of awakening emotions, driving social change, and much much more.

I’ve helped many musicians with extremely practical tips and strategies to get more followers on social media and engage with their fans. Need help with yours? 

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