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Even though working as a music producer will sometimes mean endless hours behind closed doors, in a music studio, obsessing over the EQ of a high hat. While your performer counterparts are in front of a crowd putting on a show. This doesn’t mean you can’t be a quality content machine just because the long hours sat tweaking your drum loops might not seem like content worthy of an Oscar. We’re taking a look at Tr!zzy who has some interesting methods of keeping his Instagram exciting and unique while engaging with his fan base that he’s been crafting for 15 years. And how one particular post catapulted his beats up into the attention of millions.

Tr!zzy is proof that you do not need polished editing of super high quality videos in order to gain recognition and create engaging content. Just a lot of energy and passion for the music will penetrate through even the most basic framed video. The value here is solely with Tr!zzy and his music. No thrills, no expensive edits. This is the kinda guy you’d want to be collaborating with. Pure energy and passion for the beats is an authentic feeling you can’t fake especially when looking at artists like Tr!zzy. It’s this kind of dedication to look out for when curating a collaboration.

As a producer it is your role to firstly grow visibility within the music industry as these are teh guys who are technically your customers. Then most likely the fanbase will come after. Using social media to network with artists and other industry heads is a vital step to getting recognised and building a reputation. By doing this you’ll begin to gain followers and as people are interested in knowing what’s going on behind the scenes. And that is exactly what you are as a producer, behind the scenes!

Tr!zzy takes ‘behind the scenes’ and puts his own spin on it, by taking it on the road. Literally. His series called Van Vibes saw him creating music in his car while he was working as a delivery guy. One video that he made after pulling off the highway to jam as he couldn’t hold in the creativity, went viral was picked up by Meek Mill and gained him a lot of recognition online overnight! Now that is passion with effect.

Performing live sessions is a great way to start building a bigger fan base. In concert with finger drumming is going to be a lot more effective at gaining traction than always being hidden away in a studio. It allows you to connect with your audience if they’re able to come to your events. 

Finger Drumma

Live Producer


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Sharing the Practice (Process)

Or as Tr!zzy calls it – practice. Every content piece he shares is marked as practice. And that’s exactly how musicians should look at their music making process. Practice every day and fall in love with the process. You can tell he loves making music and enjoys every moment, which translates through to his content. All world champions practice every day and it’s no different for music.

Look at his captions, they are filled with sharing the process.

Sharing the Collaboration & Interaction with Peers

Tr!zzy’s content is raw and direct from the process. He uses Instagram TV and Live functions when working with a rapper in the studio – creating an intimate view of the creative works at play. It’s almost like receiving a private invite to the studio to see what he’s working on!

Interacting with other people in the industry through this type of content and through captions is a great way of getting people involved in the process and ups your reach to a different audience altogether.

Low Quality, Raw Video

As we said before, content doesn’t always have to be high end, glossy works of art. Just simply pulling out your iPhone to share the moment you’re in will still attract interest. If you’re making music there is simply no reason to not share, share, share. Tr!zzy’s feed is mostly camera phone footage of him making beats wherever he may be and giving it his all! His entertainment value comes from the music and pure energy. The way that he says he needs to get the music idea out in the moment is like his way of just communicating with us.

Creating Specific Content

You know the way that we take photos and videos wherever we go, to document different things and adventures. This is how you should look at creating your music content. Take some time and invest in create content out of the ordinary. Take your equipment with you places, plug in, create and share. Showcasing your talents in different surroundings gives you the opportunity to create engaging content as followers get to see the process in a range of places. Go somewhere that inspires you, somewhere intriguing, somewhere unusual.

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Communication for Collaboration

Once you’ve made a great song you’re going to want to get someone’s attention for multiple reasons. The simplest way to do this is tag them. Ask others to do the same! Usually you’ll want to share something personal around the song or the process to unveil the attachment to the music. Tr!zzy used this method to tag the artists his music is perfect for and this is how he got the attention of Meek Mill!

Perfect videos and photos don’t always equal successful content. Sometimes all people need to see is good energy backed by good beats to be lured in. Be different in the way that you approach your content and show how much you love what you do. Involve your artists and show your collaborations. Add a story to it and make it inviting. There is so much content to be made through the creative process, you just need to take out your phone and share evidence of it. Grow within the industry and then grow out to your fans in the process.

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