5 Ways Rosalia Uses Her Instagram To Engage With Audience You Can Do Too

If you’ve not yet heard of Rosalia then get ready to be seeing her on your screens a lot in the coming year. The 26 year old who hails from the Catalonia region of Spain has racked up an impressive 20 million views in just 3 months with her first single ‘Melamente’, from her debut album El Mal Querer. She has gained international awareness in the music industry which has led to collaborations with J Balvin and Pharrell Williams, among others. Her experimental fashion and fresh take on the age old sound of flamenco is catching like fire and we’re here today to break down how she’s using her social media to help gain so much attention. 

WHO are you?


Rosalia’s lyrics feature a lot of female empowerment messages and she tends to surround herself both professionally and socially with women. She holds a strong female image and has described her extravagant, oversized nail art as beautiful and also as a weapon. Showing that being stereotypically femme isn’t just about looking good, it’s also powerful.

Rosalia translates this empowerment energy into her social media content and brings out all of her different identities – she understands what works for the ‘gram. Whether its her nail art, statement looks or coloured eyebrows she doesn’t shy away from sharing her visual artistry as well as her music. She knows the world is watching – even her nails being cut off made international press – so she’s using the platform for her own advantage as well as for the good of all women of the world. She is not afraid to take a stand.

Flamenco & Hip Hop Artist

Female Role Model



Share Your Squad


All the women, doing all of the things, helping each other out. Rosalia’s squad of women she rolls with are celebrated and shared on her Instagram. It almost makes you feel as though you want to be there, part of the team, smashing goals. It’s what Taylor Swift achieved, just a lot cooler.

Share Your Throwbacks


Rosalia frequently shares old photos when she was working on music and even pictures of back in her childhood. She’s using her personal history to introduce her fans to the private side of her life, connecting and engaging young Latinas around the world.

Collage Content


Compiling a collage of photos and videos together, Rosalia makes better use of her posts to show as much as she can. After a performance or photoshoot its common to see albums of content that tell a story. Combined with other content pieces like news articles she really harnesses the power of storytelling.

Selfie Makeover


Just as we saw with Lizzo – the selfie is undergoing a change. Using video selfies and video loops in place of a static image is fast becoming the more popular way to share your face. It’s more engaging, it’s more fun and they gain a vast amount of views if done in the right way as they continue looping over and over. This causes your audience to spend more time on your content which in turn can lead to further exploration of other posts.

Share the Collab


Rosalia knows that her fashion statements are garnering just as much attention as her music, so she is setting herself up for collaborations in many ways. Not only is she collaborating with top drawer music talent, but she is sharing her love of fashion and collaborating with brands to come as a modern day, fully packaged star.

Rosalia has shown us that you don’t have to fit in to any sort of norm when it comes to music and art. Reinventing historical music from a small town in Spain and creating a visual brand alongside isn’t exactly following any rules. And taking her girls with her for the journey, and using that platform to elevate others while sharing her professional endeavours is a perfect triangle of admiration (and content).

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