Rebecca Smart Bakken

5 Ways 50 Cent Expresses His Brand Online

Obviously most people know 50 Cent as the OG 2000’s hit machine and since then he’s branched out to TV production, business ventures and on the way has started a family. We know this because he openly shares with his followers news and updates of the different parts of his life. And he does this through a variety of different methods. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Explode onto the Collaboration Scene: Cues from DJ Snake & More…

A few days ago, I looked out at the waves crashing on the beach, almost not daring to believe that my fantasy of living in Ibiza has become my reality. The million-dollar question: Now what?

Well, while my social media feed is giving you a curated glimpse of what I’m up to, I’m writing this to highlight one of the major goals I’ve tasked myself with: encouraging more collaboration within the music industry. And while you are seeing the glitz of the shows, you are missing out on the behind-the-scenes work that everyone within this biz, from artist to producer to promoter should be doing: collaborating.  

Whoah! We’re moving to Ibiza

When people hear that I’m moving to Ibiza, the usual response is “How random!” But anyone who knows anything about me knows that there is nothing random about me or this next chapter of my life. By way of this move, I am executing the final stages of an ambitious goal that I’ve been chasing for years.

Want to sell your music? Sell yourself instead!

Are you able to remember the first time you realized you wanted to be a musician? Perhaps you were a young buck, bopping around in the back seat of your mom’s minivan saturated with the smell of teen spirit when Nirvana came on the radio. The hairs on your arms began to stand up as Kurt’s words, which seemed to be speaking directly to you, spewed out of the speakers atop a wall of high-gain guitars. You fell in love with the ruckus that sympathized with your teen angst, and at that moment you realized you too wanted to create music that others could relate to. Music they could feel empowered by. Or maybe your story is nothing like this, but surely you have a story. Certainly, there’s a reason behind your pursuit of music, but do you truly know why? Or maybe you’re just wondering why the hell it matters. I’ll tell ya.

Leveraging the gaming world to score new fans

It’s just after 11pm on a lazy Wednesday night. You worked late; perhaps you even just got back from a long evening of studying after dinner. So, you do the natural thing and log-on to play some COD… (it’s Call of Duty… nube!) You’re feeling a bit rambunctious so you swing the old headset on and start sniping fools left and right. Headshot here, headshot there… you know, the usual. You’ve noticed a pretty dope soundtrack playing in the background. It’s a little electronic blended with a touch of hip-hop, and it seems as those breakdowns line up perfectly for your big kills. You’re in the zone and the hours fly by thanks to this killer playlist and, well, your killer kills.

How Eminem Schooled us on Marketing

Take a moment to imagine your mom. Chances are, she’s a pretty lovely lady. Maybe she’s really into Chia Pets or something cute like that. Maybe she insists on overfeeding you every time you visit home. How nice. Now imagine that same woman filing multiple lawsuits against you for being what she perceives to be an asshole.