Whoah! We’re moving to Ibiza

When people hear that I’m moving to Ibiza, the usual response is “How random!” But anyone who knows anything about me knows that there is nothing random about me or this next chapter of my life. By way of this move, I am executing the final stages of an ambitious goal that I’ve been chasing for years.

When I moved back to Norway 7 years ago from the US, I was broke, alone, and soon to be a new mother. Let’s just say: conditions were far from perfect. I had lived in the U.S. for eight years, founded two companies and was a player in the Boston startup ecosystem. But now I was starting at square one again in Oslo.

Through the help and encouragement of those close to me, however, I was able to pull myself up by the bootstraps. The big question was, “What is Rebecca going to do now?” At the root of the answer to this question lies my biggest passion: the music industry. But it’s taken awhile to actualize how to pursue music with my skill set.

For seven years now, I’ve consulted for the startup ecosystem in Oslo, helping companies with growth marketing campaigns and using my knowledge to help them generate content with a purpose. In between projects, I’ve traveled the world, spending holidays from Mexico to Bali.  

Through these work experiences, I’ve gained financial stability, grown my career, and have built a wide network. But I haven’t been living my dream. Then one day it dawned on me – why don’t I apply my expertise to the industry I love – helping artists brand themselves and their music?

Not only that, but why not do it in a place where I feel truly at home? For me, home has the recent years been Ibiza.

Living your purpose definitely includes choosing your dream location. We have entered a new era where technology and the evolution of work life have given us the freedom to choose where we live, allowing us to pursue a level of self-actualization no generation before us has known.

Unlike Norway, Ibiza is the land of a thousand faces, different, unique, full of contrasts and with enough diversity to suit every preference. Here, residents are living a wholly unique lifestyle, different from other European cities. Whatever you’re looking for, Ibiza can deliver.

Loving nature, food, spending time with loved ones, the beach and above all: living life are all major components of the island life. When I’m in Ibiza, I relish the simple pleasures and try to squeeze every last drop of goodness from life’s daily fabric. Scenery and vibe aside, it’s also an ideal place to use as a model for good business practices, sustainable tourism and a happy lifestyle. Once you’ve settled on the island, you’ll fall in love with it all over again, in a deeper, more permanent way.

Most importantly, the connection to a thriving music scene is what cements my appreciation for the island. There’s no better place to connect or to truly plug yourself into when it comes to the freestyle nights the island is known for.

And this move isn’t something that just fell into my lap. It’s taken years of strategy, hard work, and managing logistics to actualize this goal. With every trip back to the gorgeous island, my longing to be rooted there grew. In a sense, it was if I was always returning home instead of leaving it.

For many, this move seems quite radical. Norway is one of the best countries to live according to the recent reportings. The salaries are high, education is free, and you basically have a safety net for life. But these conveniences don’t cancel out how Norway just isn’t me. And I’m not saying it’s a bad place to live, but it’s Ibiza where I can truly flourish and reach my full potential.

So, for those of you who are looking for direction, I say follow your passion and don’t be afraid to uproot yourself. Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t be afraid to say, “This isn’t working anymore.”

Set goals. Work hard. Be fearless.

Who knows? Perhaps I’ll see you on the island one day!

Rebecca Smart Bakken

Rebecca Smart Bakken

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