Rebecca Smart Bakken

How to Use Hashtags Properly As A Musician

One of the most misunderstood concepts on Instagram is how to use the hashtags (properly). Many people know what they are but most people don’t understand how to use them.

Using hashtags is a great way to grow your following and get your content seen by people that aren’t on your follower list. It can be super effective if used in the correct way…

How Musicians Can Create Viral Content for Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram has been killing off the organic reach for posts on the platform. The social media giant has been making it harder for user’s content to be seen – requiring paid ads or ‘boosts’ to get the reach content once had.

In order to get some of that reach back without having to pay Instagram, getting your audience to share content is becoming one of the most important strategies to strategically grow organically for free…

How to Reactivate Your Disabled Facebook Advertising Account

Facebook has been under a lot of fire over the last few years with privacy issues, political election drama and a stint in the Supreme Court. Due to this, they’ve had to make some pretty monumental changes to the advertising arm of their business.

I remember around 2007/2008 when ads first came out – it was super easy to create and run ads – successfully. This was largely due to the fact that not many people were using the service at that point. Not even the large companies were utilising it…

1 Trick to Explode Your Instagram Growth

I’m going to give you the number one growth hack. Something that is going to tremendously increase your visibility and growth on Instagram.

It’s as simple as audience interactions which are also known as content engagement.

There are a few specific hacks you can do to increase interactions on your content but first let me break it down. Why do you want interactions?

Well, engagement/interactions on your posts are a way for the Instagram algorithm to evaluate your content. Is it worthy content that people want to see?