Clubhouse for musicians. How to take advantage of the new go-to social media platform.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have noticed a brand new social media platform arrive on the scene in spectacular fashion. Clubhouse has completely taken the world of social media by storm! It’s exclusivity factor produces unexpected levels of FOMO from those that can’t yet access it, and countless celebrity endorsements mean you can’t go one minute without seeing a new mention online. And finally, we seem to have a solution to all of the issues we currently face on social media. Clubhouse is a way to get authentic engagement and actually be social again. 

What is Clubhouse?

Think of Clubhouse as an audio-only platform. Kind of like an interactive radio show or podcast. Once you’re in, you can see ‘rooms’ of different people talking, and you can jump in and out any time. Or, you can spark a conversation by creating your own room based on any subject you like. 

When you create a room, you have the ability to invite several people to host alongside you. Then, your followers can join as part of the audience. They can listen in or ‘raise their hand’ to ask a question. This allows them to be invited to she stage and join the conversation. There’s a free-flowing feeling to being able to dip in and out of different conversations. The beauty of this for creators & musicians is that you are able to get a lot of traffic from users who are simply browsing through and joining interesting-looking rooms. 

It’s time to cancel awkward eye contact, dodgy backgrounds and the need to get dressed up for digital. It’s time to fully immerse in this audio-centric social platform. I’ve said before that live-streaming is going to take over 2021, and Clubhouse proves just that. It’s live, it’s unedited and once the conversation is over – it’s gone! No recordings, no playbacks. You were either there or you missed out.


Remember that FOMO I was talking about? That’s because Clubhouse is an invite only platform. That means that someone you know has to give you access. By doing this, you are being vouched for by them, and committing to having your profiles forever connected. Invitations are currently being given out quite sparingly, and the waiting list is long. This is mainly due to the limited amount available (2 per user), but also due to the added responsibility of that permanent profile connection.

While other social networks have become saturated with bots and inactive profiles, Clubhouse makes it impossible for fake accounts to be created. The human element of invites and recommendations makes account creation inaccessible for a bot – which in turn makes this platform safer and more authentic from the very start.

How can you as a musician take advantage of Clubhouse?

There are a multitude of ways that you as an artist can use Clubhouse to its full potential. Let’s dive in…

1. Networking

I’ve barely been on Clubhouse for a week and I have so far made some truly impressive connections. In just a few days, it’s opened my eyes to the potential of networking that is available to me through my iPhone (sorry Android users – Clubhouse isn’t available to you yet).

I’m taking part in rooms with key industry leaders. I’m able to easily join, listen to and interact with these people on, what feels like, a personal basis. I can guarantee that anyone who is someone in the music industry is using Clubhouse right now. High ranking public figures such as Drake, 21 Savage, Kevin Hart and Sonny Digital – not the kind of people you’d easily be able to get into a conversation with. These individuals are actively using the platform to discuss a huge variety of subjects, anything from trending topics to ‘how to market your first music video’.

And here’s where the authenticity comes in. You know that the person who is speaking is actually that person, because you can hear their voice! And when you raise your hand in the room, you have the chance to be brought ‘to the stage’ to ask them a question directly.

Remember: you’re not there to sell yourself at this point. You are there to build valuable connections and relationships with industry leaders and professionals. It’s all about building your network.

With every day that passes, I hear of a new deal or collaboration that has come from a Clubhouse room. 

2. Self Promotion

If you’re using Clubhouse to network, then network well. However, it’s also the perfect place to self-promote. Some record labels are even hosting open-mic rooms, where you are able to preview your song and get feedback. Clubhouse is full of opportunities to be heard – so make sure you’re always ready if you choose to dive in.

The genius thing with joining a room on Clubhouse is that every time you put your hand up to speak, you’ll typically share a mini-introduction about yourself. When another listener is interested, they can easily head over to your profile to follow you.

Note to self: prepare yourself by noting down mini-intro in advance

The key to optimising self-promotion on Clubhouse is to drop in to relevant rooms that are on the smaller side. This will increase your chances of being brought up on stage to introduce yourself and interact with the audience. Always keep in mind that whenever you are called upon, it is the opportune moment to introduce yourself, your music, your brand and perhaps even your latest project. 

But also remember to bring some value to the conversation. The more value you bring, the more chances you have of people in that room heading over to your profile and following you. This makes it more likely that they will engage with you on other platforms too. Clubhouse gives you the opportunity to form deeper connections with both industry execs as well as fans and potential future fans.

The great thing about a brand new social media platform? Users are way more open to following other people right now, as everyone is trying to build their own network and followers. Get it while it’s hot!

3. Instagram Growth

If you want to grow your Instagram followers – use Clubhouse! Allow me to explain…

After I’d been on Clubhouse for 1 day, I decided to host a room together with my fellow marketers Steve Spotlight, Amy and Kareem Guy. We were discussing ‘how to market your music on a budget’. Several hundred people joined the room, most of which stayed for the full conversation. Which ended up being five hours long.

During that time, I gained 50 followers on Clubhouse, and 20 of those went over to Instagram to follow me there. I even got 4 DM’s from it. That’s a pretty effective growth hack!

Now, every time that I host, or even if I’m brought up to stage to add some value to the conversation, my Instagram grows. Every single time. As there’s no way of sending a DM on Clubhouse, hosts tend to use Instagram as a call to action.

“If you have any questions, DM me on Instagram” – No other channel moves traffic over to Instagram that effectively. 

If you’re looking for feedback on your profile, I’ve even found rooms dedicated to Instagram Audits. Join, present yourself to the experts and they’ll jump over, take a look and give you tips right there and then on how to optimise your profile. 

This might sound daunting, but remember, your audit is happening in a room full of people who may also head over to your profile to take a look. This leads to follows, which leads to increased engagement and the potential of hundreds of new fans. The level of exposure is crazy!

Your profile on Clubhouse can only be connected to Instagram and Twitter, so right now we are seeing some crazy traffic coming across. The restrictions of DM’s on this new platform might seem like a hindrance – but it’s allowing the growth of your digital presence across the board. Soak it in.

4. Education (Advice/Help)

Move over Google, Clubhouse is the new place to search for advice on your chosen topic. With access to the best of the best in any niche or genre, Clubhouse has become the go-to for anyone wanting to improve their knowledge.

There are countless rooms on music marketing, music business, pop culture talk, politics, business, self-improvement and wellness (just to list a few). It’s one thing to listen to a podcast that has been recorded and edited. It’s another to listen in on a live conversation, led by industry experts, that you can interact with. 

The depth of knowledge and different perspectives from people at the top of their industry is truly priceless. If you’re a fan of someone like Gary Vee, you can switch on a notification to let you know when he is speaking in a room. This makes it easy to join the room and listen in (and maybe even participate and ask him a question).

5. Build a Community 

Not only are you able to start a room and spark conversation about your chosen subject, you can also create ‘clubs’ on Clubhouse that your fans can join. Your fan club will then receive notifications when you host an event. It was recently announced that Clubhouse are looking at ways for creators to get paid, whether that be through subscriptions, paid events or tips! So get signed up now and start building your tribe!

The best advice we can give, it to be ready for when it comes. The key to monetisation online is to first form a tribe. Build a community that follows you and is loyal to you.

Side note: In order to create a club, you have to have hosted at least 3 rooms previously. So, get talking!

6. Collaboration 

Imagine if you could present your next collaboration through Clubhouse. A place where everyone involved can play live, wherever they are in the world. An example of this happened on December 25th, 2020 – when The Lion King musical went live on the platform.

There were no lags. No audio issues. Hakuna Matata. Can you see the potential?

This shows that the opportunities for live music and showcases are truly endless. You’ll be able to network on the app to find new collaborators (using my advice above) and then utilise the same app to showcase your new music to the world. 

How do I get in?

If you’re an iPhone user, download the Clubhouse app and you’ll be able to secure your desired username ahead of time. This secures you a spot on the virtual waiting list. But, as I said before, you’ll need someone to invite you to join before you can get started. Fingers crossed the Android app is coming soon – we’ll be the first to let you know when it does.

It’s not just Clubhouse that are spear-heading the audio socials game. Twitter is currently testing their beta version of an audio-driven social that is (sadly also) invite only called Spaces. I recommend jumping on board ASAP, this new wave of social media is growing FAST.

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