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Content is everywhere. It is everything. You can create content everywhere and from everything. Whether the content is any good, is a whole different matter. However, when you know you’ve created some fire content, if it’s getting good reactions on your social media, the next step is to create different formats of the same posts. This is called repurposing content.

The Reverse Pyramid

A very good way to look at your content production is to visualise it as a reverse pyramid. 


At the top you have your ‘pillar content’ which could be a long format video, vlog, podcast, etc. Essentially this content is the core piece that you’ll then use to create lots more smaller, bite-sized pieces of content.

These smaller pieces of content can be anything from a meme to a gif to a remix. This is now your middle section of the reverse pyramid. If you get creative, you can easily create 30+ pieces of content from a valuable piece of pillar content.The last step of the pyramid is to distribute the smaller pieces of content across your social channels. Each platform has its own ideas of what type of content works best. For example, Instagram is best suited for memes, images and shorter videos whereas Facebook is better for sharing more text heavy content.

Document Your Game

If you’re actively making music or getting creative in any sort of way, then you have the basis for pillar content ready to be documented. While you’re creating a new track you could be videoing the whole process… That long video can be cut down into highlights, gifs, memes, quotes, educational content and so much more.

Start to plan what your daily long form (pillar) content can be. You can record so much on a daily basis and turn it into lots of content. From making music, interviews, Q&A sessions, the making of a music video, final touches on projects… The list is endless for musicians as you should always be creating something, right?

The Right Platforms to Post

When it comes to long form content it’s best to use Facebook, IGTV and YouTube to distribute pillar pieces.

The micro content that’s been created from your pillar content can then be shared on the likes of Twitter, Instagram feed, Snapchat and Facebook.

If you’re writing articles then you should be using LinkedIn, Medium, Quora and your own website. Share a link to the articles across all of your social media – create an image to accompany the article so fans can get a quick visual idea.

Orange Real Estate Flowchart.jpg

If you find you’re not doing enough to warrant creating long form content then it’s a good idea to think about starting a podcast, or even setting up IG live interviews with other users, and screen recording it. Start to get creative with your ideas and get into the flow of planning content production and setting aside the time to break it into smaller pieces. Not everyday has to be a struggle to think of content if it’s planned in advance, and 30+ pieces are being created from one long format!

Rebecca Smart Bakken

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